“Perfect blend of knowledge, skill and genuine caring…”

“I can truthfully say that without the caring treatment at DM Foot & Ankle Associates, my husband could be dead today. A little over a year ago, my husband developed what looked like a boil under his big toe. Concerned, we went to three podiatrists, as well as an orthopedic surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. All four diagnosed my husband’s issue as an infection. He was prescribed a variety of antibiotics ans salves to apply to his toe. Visually, his wound seemed to get a little better, but quickly returned. My husband, in total frustration, gave up and decided to live with the infection. Due to other foot issues, he searched for a foot doctor in Lemont. Because of God, luck, or good fortune, whatever you want to call it, he came across DMFA and set up an appointment with Dr. Kim. As soon as he took off his shoes, Dr. Kim immediately focused on his foot with the abnormal appearing toe. We explained how it was an infection and expected her to move onto the issue that we had made the appointment for. Instead, with total professionalism and calm, she continued to question us about it and ultimately recommended a biopsy. Two weeks later, we received the news that my husband had nodular melanoma. Without her, my husband may not be here today.

I recommend DM Foot & Ankle Associates to family, friends, and anyone I meet who needs a foot doctor. They are the perfect blend of knowledge, skill and genuine caring.”

Deborah S. 2009

“Over and Beyond”

“My name is Annie C. and I am 82 years old. Up until July 2010, I was always a very healthy person. One day I woke up so much pain in my foot that I could hardly cope. My friend took me to see Dr. Emini at DM foot & Ankle Associates. I have a very strong fear of doctors and was very nervous to go to my appointment. Dr. Emini examined my foot and diagnosed the condition as gout. She prescribed some medicine and in a few days, the pain was completely gone. She suggested I get a blood test. When the test came back, my platelet count was over 1 million. The condition I have has no symptoms, and if it weren’t for Dr. Emini suggesting the test, I could have had a stroke, heart attack or blood cancer. Not only did she suggest the blood test, she also researched different blood doctors (hematologists) for me. When I went to see the hematologist, she commended Dr. Emini for for going over and beyond her profession as a podiatrist. The hematologist even called her to tell her that! In the long run, with medicine prescribed by the hematologist, my blood counts are now normal. I am so lucky to have had Dr. Emini. I feel like she saved my life. I have nothing but high praise for her help. I have recommended her to all the people I know plus people I don’t know! She is a great human being.”


Annie C. 2010