From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, DM Foot & Ankle Associates is equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. To help you understand your options, we’ve included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

 The physicians are board certified to surgically correct deformities in the foot such as bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, big toe joint arthritis (hallux limitus), and foot fractures. Surgeries are also performed in the foot and ankle to remove bone spurs, soft tissue masses/lumps, or repair tendon damage. A minimally invasive method to correct flat feet is also available.


These are custom-made arch supports that can alleviate many conditions including ligament strain, flat or high-arched feet, limb length differences or generalized foot pain. Our office will verify whether you have coverage for these devices.

Foot and Ankle Pain

 Foot pain, whether in the toe, heel or ankle, is never normal and oftentimes debilitating. We will formulate a treatment plan with you to help you become pain free.

Diabetic Foot Care

 If you have diabetes, then you know the importance of caring for your feet. We can help you whether you need an annual wellness diabetic foot exam, wound care, specialized inserts, or general nail and callus care. Our office provides Medicare covered diabetic shoes in many styles to fit your personal needs.

Geriatric Foot Care

Should you have difficulty in managing your feet in any way, including taking care of thickened toenails, our doctors are here to provide care for you.

Pediatric Foot Care

Our doctors treat infants and children with commonly seen nail and skin conditions, such as warts or ingrown toenails. Gait abnormalities such as intoeing, out-toeing, and flat feet are generally evaluated at ages two and up.


 We offer ultrasound technology to aid in precise injections of the foot and ankle. Plantar fasciitis, soft tissue masses, and other ailments can be further evaluated with the ultrasound for improved treatment outcome.

Nail Conditions

 Toenails can grow ingrown, get infected, or become thick and discolored. Whatever the case, let us help your toes become beautiful again. We have LASER treatments available!

Wart Treatment

 Whether you have one or many on your feet, warts can be treated in our office with the latest medical options. We have a very high success cure rate including LASER treatments.


 Our doctors can treat those painful lesions to get you back on your feet and walking pain-free.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

 An alternative, non-surgical treatment to alleviate chronic plantar fasciitis or tendon pain.


 There are many treatments available including minimally invasive surgery which leaves the nerve intact.

Neuropathy Treatment

 If you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, we can provide a specialized electric therapy treatment that can improve the symptoms of this disease.

Foot Hygiene and Emollient Products

 For your convenience, we offer a number of products that will help keep your feet infection-free and looking their best.

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