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Did you know that nearly one-fourth of the bones in the body are located in the feet? Because of this, fractures in the foot are common and rarely debilitating. …

Wear Patterns

Examining old shoes before buying new ones can help you evaluate your wear patterns and buy new shoes with a better fit and style that compensates for the stresses …

Your Footprint

When you take a step, your foot typically hits the ground heel first and rolls toward your toes, flattening the arch slightly. As you push off the ball of …

Men’s Shoes

Most men’s shoes conform to the shape of the feet and have a roomy toe box with sufficient horizontal and vertical space and a low heel (usually about half …

Children’s Shoes

Choosing shoes for your children can play a critical role in their musculoskeletal development, including their posture. In general, infants just learning to walk do not need shoes. Infants …
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